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Roof Repairs and Roof Maintenance

Do you have a leak?
Are you looking to reduce your chances of having one?

Our Roof Repair & Maintenance Division was created specifically to address the needs of businesses and homeowners for fast, professional roof repair services and to reduce the occurrence of leaks and the damage water can cause.

Very few roofing contractors offer a dedicated division with the sole purpose of repairing and maintaining roofs. Because our Roof Repair & Maintenance Division is specialized, you can be assured of quality, detailed workmanship in accurately surveying and addressing your immediate needs as well as determining what should be done so you can experience the maximum life expectancy of your roof.

Roofmasters Roofing Company, Inc. offers full service roofing repair and roof maintenance. We service all types of roofing materials on both residential and commercial properties.

We Service:

Asphalt Shingles &

Asphalt Roof Systems

Metal Roofs Slate Roofs

EPDM Membrane

TPO Roof Systems

Modified Roofing

Built-Up Roofing

Services include:

 Annual Maintenance Program “Roof Protection Plan”

Includes gutter cleaning, minor roof repairs, such as cracked flashing boots, nail pops, lifted shingles, and a detailed report on any major roof repair items that may be necessary. This plan is perfect for the concerned homeowner, townhome community, or commercial property owner looking to maximize their investment by prolonging the life of the roof and preventing costly damage

Roof Inspections

Most Home Inspectors do not adequately check the roof. Only Licensed Roofing Contractors like Roofmasters Roofing Company, Inc.,are qualified to inspect the most vulnerable part of your home.

Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

Have your gutters and downspouts cleaned?

“The Problem Solving Professionals”