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Maybe you notice that your neighbors are having their roof repaired. Another neighbor is having their roof replaced. Come to think of it, a storm did pass through your area recently. Maybe you think you should have your roof inspected. Who do you contact?

At Roofmasters Roofing Co., Inc., we want you to contact our roof replacement specialists when you need an inspection of your roof. We offer a free inspection and evaluation for your roof when you know your roof has been damaged or even when you just suspect that you have damage. Many times, roof damage is not obvious from the ground. A storm can damage a roof and leave the surrounding area unscathed. Having one of our thorough roof inspectors check your roof when you suspect there may be a problem will greatly ease your mind and could save you a lot of money by catching a roof problem before it damages your biggest investment.

Damaged Roof Inspection

Most Home Inspectors do not adequately check the roof. Only Licensed Roofing Contractors like Roofmasters Roofing Company, Inc., are qualified to inspect the most vulnerable part of your home. We’ll be happy to perform a damaged roof inspection free of charge, give you a fair assessment of our findings and offer assistance if you need a roof replacement. We specialize in the detection of roofing problems that require attention due to some weather event or other catastrophic roof-damaging circumstance.

Those roofers you observed on your neighbor’s roof may be here today and gone tomorrow, we can assure you that we have 30 years of experience in inspecting roofs. We honor our warranty and are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our roof replacement services.

If you think you may have roof damage, contact our Roofing Inspectors today for a free roof inspection at (716) 875-0276. We are here to serve your roofing needs now and in the future.

Damaged Roof Warning Signs

If you have noticed some of the new roof warning signs, call the roof replacement experts at Roofmasters Roofing Co., Inc.  Roof damage is one of the many unexpected home repairs that every homeowner must deal with at some time or another. It could be wind damage, snow & ice damage, but when the damage occurs in one catastrophic moment, the inconvenience and expense can be devastating.

Our dedicated, experienced roofers at Roofmasters Roofing can help you deal with the chaos a damaged roof can create. We’ll expertly repair your roof damage and have your home looking great in no time. Knowing what to look for as warning signs that you may need a new roof, will assure that you get that roof replacement done before your house or business sustains expensive inside damage as well.

How Do You Know You Need A New Roof?

In many cases, it is not hard to spot roof damage.  When shingles are exposed to severe weather, the asphalt layer shrinks and deteriorates. Consequently, the shingle hardens, becomes brittle, and results in:

  • Cupped or curled edges
  • Hairline cracks, appearing in random patterns throughout a shingle
  • Splitting that results in horizontal, vertical or diagonal cracks
  • Splices that leaves a double thickness of mat that does not allow the remaining layers of the shingle to be properly formed
  • Blisters, resulting in pockmarks in the shingle
  • Discolored streaks or patches caused by lichens or algae (moss & algae damage)
  • Diagonally patterned deterioration
  • Rounded or horseshoe-shaped areas where granules are compressed into the asphalt coating

If you observe any of these warning signs on your roof, our experienced roofing experts at Roofmasters Roofing can schedule a free inspection and evaluation of your roof. If we find damage, we’ll quote you a reasonable estimate and advise you on how to best replace that damaged roof. Then, one of our skilled, roof replacement crews will fix your roof as efficiently and promptly as possible.